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“Our mission is to provide innovative, timely, and cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, while fulfilling our duty to protect the safety, health, and welfare of the public."

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MBE/DBE/HUB/VOSB certified firm

Founded in 1988, Lentz Engineering, LLC is a civil engineering firm providing services in Austin, Houston, and the surrounding areas. Our excellent, long-standing reputation has enabled us to maintain business relationships and acquire referrals from clients who have utilized and were satisfied with our services for over 35 years. The current capabilities and services Lentz Engineering offers to clients include but not limited to:

 Civil Engineering Design & Consultation: We provide civil construction plans for Site Grading and Earthwork Design, Detention Pond Design, Stormwater Drainage Design, Stormwater Conveyance, Sewer Design, Water Design, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and Erosion Control Plans, Permitting, Platting, Street Design, Traffic Control Plans and TxDOT driveway access.

Preliminary Engineering: The process of buying and/or developing a property has inherent risks and unknowns. Lentz Engineering offers Feasibility Studies, Due Diligence Reports, Floodplain Impact Analysis, Hydraulic and Hydrologic Assessments, Cursory Utility Research, and Regulatory Requirements of city, county, and municipal agencies. This knowledge helps identify potential issues and empowers our clients to make inform decisions and plan accordingly. We can focus on areas of concern or can provide a more complete overview of the site development constraints. 

 Engineering Peer Review: We leverage our teams’ expertise and offer peer review services of documents and plans prepared by other civil engineering firms. Our engineering staff have experience in assessing the quality of the documents and determining whether the project complies with standard engineering practices and regulations while evaluating the design impacts.

 Civil Engineering Construction Inspection & Observation: A qualified engineer can be on-site during the construction phase to ensure field constructions matches the approved civil plans. This service can include deficiency reports, punch lists, or construction oversite.

Lentz Engineering offers a comprehensive engineering solution to our public and private sector clients. Our public clients include agencies such as school districts, municipal utility districts, drainage districts and cities. Our private sector clients include commercial, industrial, and private land developers, architects, consulting engineering firms, construction firms, private individuals, and design-build firms.