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The first step when starting the construction of a new building is platting. Platting is a legally binding map specific to a tract of land that is drawn to scale and shows any subdivisions of a piece of land. For these platting maps to be legal, they must be approved by the local government.

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Proven Platting Process

Platting is a process that has various steps, Lentz Engineering provides you platting help at every step!

Our full-time platting manager keeps up with up to date information concerning regulations and requirements for subdividing properties, ensuring the local government’s approval in no time.

1. Evaluating zoning requirements
Looking at the city plat is necessary to determine the permits the landowner needs before starting with their project. Working with the local government is necessary so our customer will obtain the proper license before the start of their project.
2. Site Plan
A site plan gives the proposal details of the project that is on the mind, determining all the permits that the project needs to have before starting with the construction.
3. Landscaping Plan
A landscaping plan is done to understand the needs of the land of the surrounding areas. Lentz Engineering offers a plan of the land grounds shape as well for any extra landscaping demands.
4. Drainage Plan
Lentz Engineering offers hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, which helps plan out the drainage system for the building project. Drainage planning is key for our customer’s building to function without any problem and prevent disasters concerning drainage.

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“The service they provide requires experience and knowledge, both of which Lentz Engineering clearly has. I would not hesitate to have them manage my next project.” – Kevin D.
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“I would confidently recommend Lentz Engineering to anyone in need of civil engineering services. Our project is better because of the work of David!” – Katy M.
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