Surveying & Feasibility Study

Surveying & Feasibility Study Free Consultation

With over 30 years serving the Greater Houston Community, Lentz Engineering provides help to our clients in every step, from cursory utility research, drainage potential, detention requirements, floodplain impacts, regulatory requirements with your local county and municipal agencies.

Snap Kitchen building

Site planning

Availability of water and sewer service

Letters of commitment for water and sewer service

Lift station need assessment

Drainage and detention requirements

Floodplain / mitigation determination

Access / driveway assessment

Zoning / platting issues

Storm water quality requirements

Preliminary site construction costs

Landscaping requirements

Every Step. Every Project.

Our goal is to help our clients make an informed land buying decision. With Lentz Engineering, you have the knowledge and tools to determine if your potential property is the right choice for your next land development project.

Our engineers will help identify the strengths and weaknesses specific your tract of land and provide guidance to overcome any uncovered hurdles, making sure that our client’s project will be successful.

For us, it is important to look at everything from our client’s perspective.

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